Thursday, December 8th

Spending only a couple of hours today. Focusing on making sure that I had added everything I needed to show along with putting in time onto fixing any grammer on my content and creating a "news" pages which is what your reading from; now that I came to the end of my project I hope that you enjoyed looking through my site as I had fun building it. Thank you all viewer!

Monday, December 5th

Since seven in the morning I woke up eating code for breakfast going through the day until night hours just working on code for this website. Today my concertation was on getting my portfolio page to look right also to get the contact form to look like the design I wanted and at the end typing all the content I needed to put in to explain certain things that need detail of information such as the details to the projects I'd worked on. Never thought it would take me the whole day; of course I took plently of breaks in between. At the end I made it look the way I felt it fix this site.

Friday, December 2nd

Today was an exciting day to work next to a good friend of mine whose very succesful in design business. Working beside him I got to experiment to use a classic computer PC that had no Dreamweaver or any other design programs other than notepad that came to good use. I was able to add in a lot to my home page suspiciously for this site you are looking at. Where you'll see a slider changing of three images I took for a portfolio photography class, a camera that floats on top of the slider with a position relative and the navigation bar on top that blends in with the background color of the header where it looks like a drop down occurs as you hover over the menu bar.